About Us

Moxie exists to elevate people and businesses

We believe in the power of inspiration and knowledge. Combining media brand creativity with depth of analysis, we amplify voices of authority, highlight essential intelligence and connect influential minds. Our editorial insights, research data and executive networks fuel our ambition.

James Henderson

Editorial Director

James drives executive conversation at the highest level of authority, examining the psyche and strategy of the most influential leaders in business.

Combining editorial creativity with depth of analysis, James converts anecdotal insights and market intelligence into actionable outcomes aligned to corporate objectives.

At Moxie, James blends compelling storytelling with evidence-based research to empower a commanding executive audience, spanning the core editorial pillars of People, Business and Market.

James Henderson
Cherry Yumul

Cherry Yumul

Strategy Director

Cherry operates at the cutting edge of media, continuously challenging the traditional rules of engagement in the pursuit of brand excellence, community credibility and commercial value.

Guided by ethical principles, Cherry is comfortable as a market challenger or industry incumbent, with experience spearheading fresh ecosystem ideas, new venture launches and geographic expansions.

At Moxie, Cherry shapes the strategic direction of the brand and delivers high-quality outcomes for our commercial partners.

Amy Bergl

Event Director

Amy excels in creating engaging forums housing the most high-profile executive leaders, a mastery which produces strategic connections and stimulating conversations.

Balancing innovative ideas with flawless execution, Amy’s track record of success incorporates all event experience formats and spans technology, fashion, finance and hospitality sectors.

At Moxie, Amy sets the event agenda to creatively realise our strategic ambitions with a commitment to editorial excellence and commercial value.

James Henderson