James Henderson

Thriving through transformation: What’s the partner path to growth in Australia?

Australia is aligned in the belief that to thrive, every organisation must become a digital organisation.

Powered by data, leading businesses are now maximising multi-cloud environments to harness artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing and other cutting-edge technologies.

According to Moxie Research – which surveyed 251 IT decision-makers in Australia during February 2024 – AI and machine learning now rank as the most strategic future deployments for CIOs during the next 6-12 months in Australia (no.1 priority). This is closely followed by cyber security (no.2) and cloud management (no.3), in addition to data and analytics (no.4).

Executive Roundtable in association with Moxie Insights and Dell Technologies

Based on investment intentions, the local market is enthused and armed with transformative solutions yet shaped by a strong sense of pragmatism.

Within that context, foundational work is now viewed as critical in creating competitive differentiation.

As outlined by Moxie Research, this is primarily driven by a need to remove reliance on outdated or obsolete technology environments (56%) – accelerating modernisation agendas (53%) to create a breeding ground for disruptive technologies (47%).

Central to such efforts are plans to enhance IT infrastructure foundations through market-leading partners and portfolios.

This Executive Roundtable in Sydney – in association with Moxie Insights and Dell Technologies – outlined the future path to partner growth in Australia, detailing how forward-thinking businesses can thrive through transformation and innovation.

Key discussion points included:

  • Assessing evolving customer IT investment priorities
  • Understanding market opportunity for transformative solutions
  • Examining how modernisation can drive innovation
  • Actioning new go-to-market strategy to drive growth
  • Executing a blueprint for future success in Australia

View Moxie Insights – Executive Roundtable in photos:


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